we need to protect our air, land and water. We have to implement better policies to prevent massive open pit mining from destroying our natural resources.

this is Rio Tinto and BP wasting Arizona.

Oak Flat

Oak Flat is 60 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona, with beautiful basins covered in tall grasses, boulders and jagged cliffs.

Oak Flat is sacred land in Arizona, and yet it is to be traded to a foreign mining giant, for a massive open pit copper mine that will ruin the land forever.

open pit copper mine in Arizona is a joint venture of global mining companies Rio Tinto and BHP.
Oak flat would be utterly destroyed and remain unsafe for humans in perpetuity.
copper mine would destroy Oak Flat

copper mine land The Guardian

US to approve Arizona copper mine land deal Aljazeera

the company has said the mine would produce copper for export, mainly to China.
Feds ask court to approve, the U.S. Forest Service says go ahead.
copper mine waste on federal land

the extraction processes have an environmental impact, deteriorate the quality of the land, use huge amounts of precious desert water. This copper mine will scrape a pit a mile wide and dump mine rock and toxic sludge on federal land.
environmental impact of copper mine National Geographic

list of open pit mines Wikipedia

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