we need land for the trees to produce the oxygen that we need to breathe, to live. We need to protect arable land; land that can be used for growing crops. Ban toxic waste that the oil and gas industries dump on our land. We need to protect trees from deforestation and plant more trees.

"If we can't breathe the air then we die, if we can't grow food on it then we die, if we can't drink the water then we die."

mining on sacred land

massive open pit copper mine threatens sacred land in Arizona.

during the Trump admin environmental safeguards were destroyed, in the dark, behind the scenes. Evil mfr working for the oil companies.

Trump rolled back safeguards

save our forests

forests are one of our best resources for fighting the climate crisis. How can we insure the forests will be protected. Previous administrations have sold America's forests and National Parks to companies that want to exploit the land and the trees. The oil companies and the mining companies are allowed to take the natural resources. How can we end the take and how can we give to the forest?

National Forest

send a message to the U.S. Forest Service to keep Alaska's Tongass National Forest safe from logging and destructive mining.

National Parks Conservation Association

Trump threatens California desert Obama's Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan set aside 10 million acres of California desert, and now Trump intends to open the land for oil exploration.

Trump giveaway of public lands to Big oil Trump is destroying protections for our communities and our climate by opening public lands to the destructive mining, ranching and oil and gas industries, reversing Obama's policy of safeguarding this land in Utah.

public lands

why are public lands open to mining, ranching and oil and gas industries?

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