healthy forests are a critical resource in the fight against climate change; they provide valuable ecosystem services such as carbon storage, temperature regulation, water resources and biodiversity conservation.

eat plants to save trees

eat plants to save trees. By eating less beef we reduce deforestation. To meet the demand for beef they are cutting down the trees in the rainforest for beef farming (cattle ranching).

animal agriculture is the largest land use system on Earth and therefore is the top driver of deforestation. Plant-based diets require far less land for food production and can help stop deforestation.


how can we expand opportunities for tree planting and stop people from felling trees. Google search: beef deforestation

destroyed Amazon, Brazil

COP26 pledge to end deforestation Aljazeera Nov 2021

beef farming

beef farming (cattle ranching) is fueling deforestation in the Amazon.

How big beef is fueling deforestation Bloomberg

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