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"It kept getting more insidious." top US diplomat testifying in House impeachment investigation

Serious and persistent abuses of power. Open corruption. Self-dealing slimy schemes. Shadow shakedown. Rogue emissaries. Corrupt dealings with foreign officials. Withholding foreign aid to Ukraine while it is engaged in a war with Russia. Evil misconduct. Criticizing U.S. partners as freeloaders. Disregarding Russian interference in 2016 US election. Seeking foreign influence over 2020 US election. Middle East policy and Syria. Regressive policies against environmental regulations. Hateful speech. Terrible tweets. Language more suitable to the playground than the White House.

U.S. foreign policy and influence around the world. Saudi government owns the 45th floor of the Trump World Tower in NY. And there is a Trump Towers Istanbul, Turkey.


oil   Humpty Trumpty is openly doing the bidding of oil, gas and coal. Drilling for oil in the Arctic is cray cray. Keystone XL pipeline spilled 383,000 gallons of oil - 31 Oct 2019.

climate   ghg is heating the Earth which is producing a hyper climate which is causing wildfires and floods, drought and sea level rise, hurricanes and heat waves.

listen to Greta 2019

Why Amazon rainforest is on fire Bloomberg

water   Nestle is taking water from National Forest. #boycottNestle


December 2019
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you cannot justify violence to defend any idea. If you burn a car, you are not fucking the state, you are fucking the owner of the car.

I'll jump in front of you to stop a crash. The only time I'll ever hold you back.