methane CH4 is a super potent greenhouse gas, causing a climate crisis and warming the Earth. Methane is more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide, and we all know how bad carbon dioxide is.

russian gas
pipes labelled 'gas' Gazprom
fossil gas fgas, a.k.a. "natural gas"

methane is the major component of fgas. Methane burns to give off carbon dioxide and water.

gas stovetops are making homes unhealthy. Poor indoor air quality, and the systems leak even when the burners are turned off.

curbing methane emissions
flaring methane causing climate crisis
dark sky, dark land / are we curbing methane emissions from oil and gas, are we restoring methane regulations?

methane, the main component of natural gas, is one of the most potent agents of climate damage, gushing up by the ton from countless uncapped oil and gas rigs, and emitting from ngas pipelines and massive oil and gas facilities.

methane leaks

Oil and gas sites are a climate menace

China, India and Russia, with the United States, are the nations that emit the most climate-damaging gases from the production and burning of oil, natural gas and coal.

FLIR image shows the gas that humans cannot see
methane flames FLIR
the special FLIR image on the right shows the gas that we cannot see

FLIR camera shows what we cannot see, confirming the tons of methane that is emitted into the atmosphere everyday through oil and gas production and transportation.

methane flames FLIR
FLIR image of methane at a super emitter in Texas

methane is a dangerous toxic air pollutant, and it produces a foul smell to alarm your senses. Although humans cannot see it in the atmosphere, special FLIR images can show the shocking amount of methane emitted from oil and gas facilities.

methane CH4 is a superpotent greenhouse gas. Methane has a bigger impact then carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Ground-level ozone smog is made of methane, a dangerous air pollutant, and a toxic contributor to climate change. #cutmethane.

as bad as coal

methane is "natural gas" - it is marketed as the clean fossil fuel. Methane leaks, and it these leaks that make it as bad for the planet as burning coal.

CO2 carbon dioxide is a potent ghg. Global levels of carbon dioxide CO2 passed 400ppm, while 100ppm is considered an unhealthy amount of greenhouse gas.

CH4 methane is a superpotent ghg. methane is 87 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of creating a greenhouse effect. Methane is a key ingredient in the formation of ground-level ozone (smog), a dangerous air pollutant, and a toxic contributor to climate change. #cutmethane.


methane CH4 is the main component of fracked gas.

human-caused methane emissions can be reduced this decade.   What is the cost of your beef burger?

Global methane assessment

human-caused methane emissions can be reduced this decade.