the food production method of under-fire charbroiling burgers creates toxic carbon emissions causing long-term health effects for humans. So the "meat" is bad for you and the air from burning the "meat" is bad for you.

restaurant emissions, a.k.a. smoke

toxic restaurant smoke must be regulated and treated before it leaves the smokestack. Have you ever seen or smelled a plume of carbon emissions coming from the roof of a fast food restaurant?

charbroiled burgers
carbon emissions created by charbroiling meat

commercial under-fired charbroilers emit a large amount of particulate matter into the air we breathe. Burning the meat of a single hamburger patty puts out the same pollution as a diesel-engine truck driving 10 miles on the freeway.

a simple alternative to charbroiling is baking burgers in an oven. Oven baked burgers can help to reduce pollution emissions, and thereby improve the air and people's health.


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