bus rapid transit is a bus system where the buses travel in a dedicated lane in the center of the roadway. The buses are more efficient and on time because they do not mix with the car traffic.

dedicated right-of-way; bus-only lanes
bus-only corridor; bus has own lane in the center of the roadway
off-board fare collection; no waiting to pay on board 
intersection treatments; no traffic across the bus lane 
platform-level boarding; easier, accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, carts 
what does the platform look like?

the platform is in the centerline of the roadway. The passengers walk from the sidewalk to the platform where they purchase tickets, and then walk over to their bus. The bus pulls up so that the bus step is close to and level to the platform.

What is BRT?

bus rapid transit
bus rapid transit BRT in Bogata, Columbia
free public access

In an interview in 2021, Francois Bausch, Minister for Mobility and Public Works in Luxembourg, said that "the challenge for modal shift is very simple: Make the other modes more attractive than the car."

encouraging more public transportation helps to reduce traffic and pollution, and addresses a social equity issue. A free public transport policy establishes a principle that people's access to transportation should be available for the common good.

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