fascism is not an ideology, like socialism. Rather it is a process for taking and holding power.

fascism involves the use of violence to achieve political goals and stay in power. Trump's incitement of the invasion of the Capitol on Jan. 6, a violent insurrection, shows the public that he is a fascist. He is the leader of a fascist movement in America and continues inciting violence against his political opponents.

Malcolm Nance: the similarities between foreign despots and Trump's inspiration of insurrection and domestic terror.

Steve Schmidt: this is another demonstration of his nihilism, /the rejection of all religious and moral principles, his desire to vandalize the country. They want to topple the democratically elected country of the United States. there is a deeply connected interconnected global fascist movement that is playing out as we see this rescission in democracy. intimations of violence. it's vs. democracy vs. fascism

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Authoritarian parties: Hungary's Fidesz, Turkey's AKP, and America's Republican party.

the Republican party has embraced autocratic tactics to wield power.

fascism is a system of control

fascism is a nationalistic and anti-Communist system of government where all aspects of society are controlled by the state and all criticism or opposition is suppressed.

fascism is a form of far right, authoritarian ultranationalism. Fascism is a specific form of dictatorship. A dictatorship is a form of government in which absolute power is held by a leader. forcible suppression of opposition. Fascism beholds executive power to check and control any anti-regime activity. private industry.

opposed to anarchy, democracy, and liberalism. Mussolini Fascist Italy. cults of unity.

democracy is under attack

democracy is under attack, against fascism. Ruth Ben-Ghiat Twitter

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