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invasion 2022

Putin launched a massive invasion on February 24, 2022 to try to end Ukrainian democracy. Putin is terrified of the prospect of a flourishing Ukrainian democracy. This war is madness, a tragedy for both countries. This is all the fault of Putin. He blocks social media in Russia to stifle dissent while blinding Russians with state media propaganda.

"crusheenk democracy," says Putin to himself in the mirror.

"Everyone understands that the Russians' main goal was the occupation of the capital," he added. "Now, they are trying to put on what we call 'a nice face with bad cards.' ... You can see that the fighting here was very intense. But we won, and they retreated." see Moshchun battle.

"This is terror against Ukraine. There were no military targets in the square," President Zelenskyy said. 01 Mar 2022

long range missile attacks

Ukrainians are defending their homes against the Russian invaders who are bombing indiscriminately, killing civilians and children.

Russia missile attack Kyiv

this is a premeditated, unprovoked and illegal war. Russian people did not advocate this war. In Russia people are protesting this war. Around the world people are opposing this war. Putin closed his borders and cancelled any uncensored media.

this is a new situation; the return of an imperial Russia. the invasion threatens geopolitical order. Putin has upended assumptions about the sanctity of borders. attempting to unravel the rules-based international system. the overwhelming desire of Ukranians to live in an open, democratic society.

"Het Bonhe, No War"

Putin chose war and sent troops across the border of a sovereign nation. The Russian invasion of Ukraine unleashed ballistic missiles, airstrikes, troops and tanks. "Het Bonhe, No War" Putin's war in Ukraine is unpopular in Russia. signs in the streets as thousands of Russians protest the war. 12,000 arrested in Russia. The war is already lost. Trust in Russia is destroyed. Putin is delusional. shameful actions, intentional actions against civilians, war crimes. The world has chosen to isolate Russia.


Ukrainian resistance and Russia's overextended supply lines has stalled the convoy. poor morale, confused, conscripts, not told they were going to war. The slog.

"This is nutty behavior," said Gen. McCaffrey ret. and "the line of trucks is balled up, they're balled up." thought NATO would not respond. did not anticipate Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression. Putin has gravely miscalculated.

Alexander Vindman, Renew Democracy Initiative, rdi.org. this is a costly war for Russia, with 10,000 Russian casualties. We continue economic sanctions and provisioning of weapons. The longer the war goes on the greater the risk of the U.S. getting drawn in.

autocratic regime / totalitarian dictator

the autocrats of Russia, China, Venezuela, or Iran, don't care about rules and values, promises and reputations, or treaties. These are people who only respect hard power.

Russian is in violation of the Budapest Memorandum, signed in 1994, guaranteeing Ukrainian security. the U.S., Russia, and Britain committed "to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine" and "to refrain from the threat or use of force" against the country.

we must end Russian money laundering, political or financial influence in the West. Germans must make themselves independent of Russian gas. France must ban political parties that accept Russian money.

are we just throwing bigger rocks at each other?

Russian BTG battalion tactical group. tanks, artillery and infantry.

"Hello, Mr. Russian tank. My name is Javelin."

Javelin anti-tank

Javelin anti-tank is an AAWS advanced anti-tank weapon system with an infrared imaging guidance system. man-portable, anti-tank missile. made in USA, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. $240,000 missile only.

Stinger anti-aircraft

Stinger anti-aircraft is a MANPADS man-portable air-defense system that operates as an infrared homing SAM surface-to-air missile. developed in US, mfg in Germany. $40,000 missile only.

in WWII Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, and it ended in 1945.